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Athlete Interview Series - Drew Stanton

NFL Quarterback | Michigan State

PMR: Name 3 things an athlete needs to be successful.

Drew: Self-motivation, discipline, and humility.

PMR: Do you have a mentor or someone you look up to for guidance going through the process?

Drew: Yes. You can only survive on your own for a while. Then it becomes a matter of learning from other's mistakes or success.

PMR: How do you manage adversity or what tools do you use in dealing with adversity?

Drew: Control the controllable's, what caused me to have this adversity. Was it something I could have prevented? Is it a repeated mistake? Then try to find the best solution to minimize it from happening again.

PMR: When it's all said and done and you move on to be successful in the next phase of your life, how would teammates you respected remember you as a teammate?

Drew: As a professional that I could trust and rely on in any situation. Who knew what was needed at any given moment and wasn’t worried about who got credit as long as the goal was accomplished.

PMR: Is there anything you've done consistently over your career to keep you in the game?

Drew: Always found ways to improve and get better.

PMR: Do you have any advice for a high school athlete in choosing which college to attend?

Drew: Pick a place that you could see yourself simply going to school, remove the sport. You never know when that sport will end, but your education will last you forever.

PMR: What is the greatest, or one of the greatest lessons you've learned through the process?

Drew: Control the controllables, flush the rest.

PMR: In order to continually test yourself physically and mentally you must have a strong "why". What is your "why"?

Drew: My family

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