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Athlete Interview Series - Mike Nugent

NFL Kicker | Ohio State University

PMR: Name 3 things an athlete needs to be successful.

Mike: A successful athlete needs to be able to have positive answers to these three questions: 1. Do you know what to do? 2. Are doing what you are being coached to do? 3. Are you the same player every single day?

PMR: When it's all said and done and you move on to be successful in the next phase of your life, how would teammates you respected remember you as a teammate?

Mike: My past teammates would consider me as a complete professional at my craft. Everything was done with the maximum amount of effort. All tasks were completed without question.

PMR: Is there anything specific you've done consistently over your career to keep you in the game?

Mike: I've always had a deep appreciation of the chase to improve. I've known it takes everything I've got to be the best.

PMR: Knowing what you know now in your career, what do you wish you knew back in high school?

Mike: I can always push myself a bit further. Make certain you are out working anyone in the way of your goals.

PMR: How do you manage adversity or what tools do you use in dealing with adversity?

Mike: Adversity will always be there. When it hits, how hard does it hit? You will make mistakes, but make small ones.

PMR: Name a coach, teammate, or mentor over the course of your career that has had the biggest impact on you and why?

Mike: Jeff Wilkins. A Super Bowl winning kicker and my mentor as I progressed throughout my career. He was always open to answer any of my questions and help me out in any way possible.

PMR: What is the greatest, or one of the greatest lessons you've learned through the process?

Mike: You don't have to be perfect to succeed. All you need is the discipline to outwork everyone around you. Discipline is a key ingredient to success.

PMR: What are your thoughts on pre-game/pre-practice mental and physical preparation and their role in player development?

Mike: I try to put myself in a mental competition every time I practice. Nothing is as real as a game, but if you can set yourself up to practice with pressure, games will always become more comfortable.

PMR: In order to continually test yourself physically and mentally you must have a strong "why". What is your "why"?

Mike: I want to be the best. No matter what task I am doing, I want to be the best player ever to do it. If that doesn't happen, I know I gave it everything I have.

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