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Athlete Interview Series - Trevor Williams

MLB Pitcher | Arizona State University

PMR: Name 3 things an athlete needs to be successful.

Trevor: The ability to adapt, a process-oriented mindset, and a killer instinct.

PMR: When it's all said and done and you move on to be successful in the next phase of your life, how would teammates you respected remember you as a teammate?

Trevor: I hope as a team-first guy. Somebody that they wanted in their corner.

PMR: Knowing what you know now in your career, what do you wish you knew back in high school?

Trevor: At the end of the day the sun will come up the next morning.

PMR: How do you manage adversity or what tools do you use in dealing with adversity?

Trevor: Reassess every pitch and be really conscious of your body. If you only have 80% that day don’t try and do more. Give 100% of your 80%.

PMR: Do you have any advice for a high school athlete in choosing which college to attend?

Trevor: Pick a school that will help you become the ball player you want to be. And go on a visit before making your decision and hang with the other recruits. If the other recruits are turds then you probably don’t want to be with them for 3-4 years.

PMR: What are your thoughts on pre-game/pre-practice mental and physical preparation and their role in player development?

Trevor: After every start I write down 3 things that I did well, two things that I didn’t do well, and 1 thing I’m going to focus on going into the next start.

PMR: In order to continually test yourself physically and mentally you must have a strong "why". What is your "why"?

Trevor: My why is for my family and being able to provide for them playing a game I love.

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