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Free PMR App

All programs come with the free PMR App.  Easily track, log, and manage all workouts from your smartphone.

Coaching Cues

Coaching cues that point out key points of emphasis for the exercises on your program.  

Exercise Videos

Watch a demonstration video of every exercise/movement on the program, just click the video icon on the app to watch.  Examples below 

Video Library

If certain equipment is unavailable you have access to our full library of exercise videos to choose an alternate exercise

5 Categories of Strength & Conditioning Programs

Prep     |     Core     |     Agility     |     Conditioning     |     Strength & Power


Exercises or drills performed prior to the days workout. As with all other progressions, prep drills start with a good foundation and become more complex & specific as the program progresses.  From focusing on thoracic spine mobility for rotational athletes to preparing for the days agility drills, prep work prepares the athlete for the training to follow.

Video Demos

Exercise Video Examples

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