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The Reality of Optimism

Optimism means to act and react to life from a perspective of personal power.

Your level of optimism will be the difference maker in whether you get the most out of your ability or not. Your ability to react to life and your athletic career from a perspective of personal power will determine your level of success. Looking at events optimistically leads to having more energy, and energy is at the foundation of anything you do.

In fact, the only thing that research can find that is a direct predictor of success in sport is the amount of energy an athlete puts into their craft. And since optimism gives you energy, it makes sense to learn how to become more optimistic. Research has also indicated that optimistic athletes set more challenging goals for themselves. More challenging goals will stretch you and help you rise to reach your potential.

Optimists don't ignore negative events or pretend that they didn't happen. Optimists see criticism, or negative events, as information to help them become more successful the next time. In fact, the only difference between feedback and criticism is how you hear it.

Optimists focus on the solution, not the problem.

Optimists don't pretend "it's all good", they act to "make it better".

There are 9 traits of positivity and optimism: enthusiasm, belief, integrity, courage, confidence, determination, patience, calmness and focus. Obviously, all of those traits are necessary to play at the highest level for a long time. Research says that every person is strong in at least one of those areas no matter your background. The key is to develop the other traits into strengths as well. A good place to start would be to get around other optimistic people because attitudes are contagious.

Optimism is contagious.

A positive attitude is necessary for any improvement and growth because it cultivates belief. Thinking positive leads to feeling positive, and feeling positive leads to acting positive; and acting positive leads to the improvements that we need to continue to thrive at the highest level of sport.

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