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Reach Your Goals with Plants & Enzymes!

The nutrition industry and at times the medical profession pushes fitness people and athletes to consume larger quantities of animal based foods when it comes to endurance or building muscle.

This dogmatic teaching about animal food consumption has most of us believing that we must consume mostly animal foods to reach our fitness and athletic goals. The problem is that animal foods will help to repair and build muscle; but the chemical components found in animal foods will not increase performance or endurance. When you consume mostly animal based foods, you are producing massive amounts of acidity in the blood, robbing it of oxygen and increasing the risk of demineralizing the body over time. Eating mostly animal based foods will also cause the chemistry of the body to reach an anaerobic metabolic level. This anaerobic environment will decrease the oxygen level in the blood carried by your hemoglobin (the oxygen carrier in the blood) and the result is reduced endurance.

In order to reduce the acidic effects of consuming animal based foods and reducing the negative metabolic effects, I recommend taking plant based enzymes like Digestive Health before each meal, so that there is an increase in the digestion of the food and a reduction of the acidic waste produced by the animal based food. This product will help you to digest and burn the food as fuel and ensure it is fully metabolized. Check out this pudding test to see the benefits of taking our Digestive Health when consuming cooked or processed food to ensure the complete breakdown of the food, so you can utilize it for energy.

So what is all the hype about plant based foods and food enzymes? Why will it increase my athletic performance; unlike the consumption of animal based foods? Here’s my top 5 benefits!

1. Plant based foods contain high amounts of electrolyte minerals.

When you consume more plant foods, you will supply the body with the minerals it needs to neutralize the metabolic acids we spoke about before. These mineral have certain electrical charges and these charges create greater cellular communication that enhances cellular function. Enhanced cellular function will help increase your endurance and performance.

2. Plant based foods take less metabolic energy to digest and supply food enzymes to your organs to utilize and increases energy output.

When you consume massive amounts of animal based foods, the body has to use massive amounts of energy to breakdown the food since it is void of any live enzymes. Again, this creates the anaerobic environment in the bloodstream and decreases your aerobic output.

In juxtaposition, raw plant based foods can predigest in the stomach and do not require the body to use massive amounts of energy to breakdown the food. The body is able to use about 10% of the leftover enzymes from the raw food to build and repair the body. These food enzymes help your body to repair itself faster and faster recovery means an increase in performance over time. The miracle of these food enzymes is that they help create red blood cell separation, as a result, it increases the oxygen levels in the blood. Higher oxygen levels in the blood give the immediate effect of increasing your endurance.

3. Plant based foods help to pH balance the body

When you start to consume more plant based foods, you will assist the body in re-mineralizing itself that helps to pH balance the body. Most people in the fitness and athletic world are highly acidic. If you get some pH strips you can test your saliva or urine to see where you are on the pH scale. You will be surprised at the results.

When your body is pH balanced and has a reading of 7.365, your body is functioning at optimal levels. What this means for endurance and performance is huge! When you are too acidic, you have the anaerobic environment described above. When you stay within the pH range of 7.365, you create the aerobic environment your body needs to build endurance. You may have to consume 70 to 80% of your food from plant based sources for a while to bring your pH level to where it needs to be. Keep testing your pH daily to help assist you in the process of becoming pH balanced. The ratios between animal and plant based foods fluctuate daily due to many factors, so get in the habit of testing yourself regularly.

4. Plant based foods provide antioxidants for the body.

Plant based foods possess chemical antioxidants. The chemical antioxidants found in plant based foods combat free radicals produced under normal metabolism and those produced in higher amounts during physical activity. The intense, prolonged exercise of an athlete creates oxidative stress and free radicals. Consuming nutrient dense plant foods and enzymes provide a great defense at fighting and preventing free radical damage.

5. Plant based foods increase oxygen levels in the blood.

Food enzymes from raw food will help separate red blood cells, moreover, creating that aerobic environment you want to increase your performance. When the red blood cells are moving freely, more oxygen and nutrients are being dispersed throughout the body

allowing for better stamina, less inflammation and less lactic acid build up. Enzymes not only increase energy output but also accelerate recovery time.

Convinced yet? Follow these simple principles and you’ll notice better gains and performance. Want to continue learning more about whole plant foods and enzymes? Click HERE

Shan Stratton

President of Core Health Products

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