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Having a Plan & Strategy As An Athlete

Having a business plan or strategy isn't just for businesses. This is where we hear it most often talked about, but the same principles hold true for athletes. A business startup that doesn't have a plan is doomed for failure. An athlete that doesn't know what they want, where they want to go, or how they will achieve these goals is wondering around aimlessly with no direction.

In this case one word comes to mind, "Efficient". If we are working on agility drill on the turf, we are looking at the athlete and how we can help them be more efficient in their change of direction. A pitching coach is looking for ways to help his pitcher be more efficient in his delivery. A running back coach is looking for ways to help his running backs be more efficient while carrying the ball. An in-efficient athlete is losing productivity and working harder, not smarter and more strategically, to hopefully make the same strides in their career.

Creating a plan for where you want to be in 6 months, 1-year, 4-years, or at the end of your career can take some time. Honestly evaluate where you are physically, mentally, and nutritionally. Are you physically capable to progress? In not, where do you want to improve? Are you mentally capable to progress? If not, what are you lacking? Are you taking the steps necessary to eat a nutritious and balanced diet? If not, how can you adjust this? A plan, just as with goals, must be attainable but not easy.

Once you have put on paper what your plan is you can create a strategy for success. This strategy will show you the action steps necessary to follow the plan. If you don't feel you are physically able to progress, determine what steps you need to take in order to strengthen these areas. If you don't feel you are mentally able to progress, determine what steps you need to take in order to improve these lacking areas. If you don't feel you are eating a nutritious and balanced diet, determine the steps necessary for you to improve your diet.

When you start putting everything down on paper it can seem a bit overwhelming. But, you can't win a championship without working through pre-season and the season. Break it down into smaller pieces, gradually knock them off one by one, and you will start to see things come together. Once you have the blueprint, own it, attack it, and execute it. This blueprint will make you more efficient in chasing down down goals.



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