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The last 4 years working with PMR performance my body has continued to feel stronger and more explosive because of the program that Chip has put together for me. All aspects of my sport are addressed in the program. Not only do I feel stronger and faster, but I am less prone to injury. I want to constantly improve and get better every day, and that’s what PMR is all about. After 20 years of catching and 13 plus seasons of professional baseball my body has never felt better and the biggest reason for that is Chip and PMR Performance. Anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves needs to train with PMR. 

Tuffy Gosewisch   |   Milwaukee Brewers

I enjoyed using the PMR app this off-season.  The structure of the training days made everything possible in your everyday gym.  This was perfect for me while living in an area that had no access to professional training facilities but still having the ability to functionally train everything needed for my success.

Wil Lutz   |   NFL Kicker

Logan Shore   |   Detroit Tigers

This offseason was my first professional offseason. I came from a successful program playing baseball at the University of Florida.  They have an awesome strength staff and workout program, but the program Chip and the staff of Fischer institute put together for me took me to a whole new level. I have always worked hard and have always had good people around me at UF to push me to be stronger, faster and better, but nothing compares to the program from Fischer institute. 


This program was the first take home program written by Fischer institute and I can't say enough good things about it. It allowed me to get the full benefits of what Fischer has to offer from a workout program standpoint but I was able to be at home where I could be with my family. I took 4 days to come in while I was in the Phoenix area to have Chip at Brett look at me and give me a full body analysis on what my strengths and weaknesses are as a baseball athlete and even more specifically as a pitcher. Every exercise on the program had a purpose for what I was trying to accomplish and I followed it exactly as written. The best thing about the take home program was that If I had any questions about what the exercise was or how it was supposed to be performed I could go onto my app on my iPhone provided by Chip and his team, and watch a video showing me exactly what to do. The app even provided me with tips and reminders to make sure my form in completing each rep was done properly.  I truly believe that because of the people at Fischer and especially Chip, I was able to have an incredible first spring training and start my first pro season off strong. I am looking forward to working with them again this offseason and for the remainder of my career! 

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