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Choose a specific training age level, a specific sport, core & strength only programs, or more comprehensive programs that include 5 categories of sports performance training.


The PMR Performance app, with videos & coaching cues, allows the athlete to efficiently and effectively complete their workouts


Create and implement a core & strength training​ program for your athletes

Continuing education certified course detailing the principles implemented when training athletes at Fischer Institute.


PMR has created a page strictly for the purpose of helping developing athletes continually gain free information relevant to their goals


PMR has constantly been involved with sport, first as an athlete and now as head strength & conditioning coach at Fischer Institute.  Much has changed over the years while much has stayed consistent.  Core athlete principles such as having a plan/strategy, being accountable, honest self-awareness, being an active participant, efficient game day routine, and discipline will remain constants for those that reach their goals as athletes.Athletes encounter many unknown variables while pursuing their goals, and PMR is committed to helping athletes be aware of and prepare for them.


Strength and conditioning programs, Project content or educational classes for other industry professionals, PMR will continually look for ways to assist those involved with sport and provide tools for steady success.  

PMR is proud to implement all programs and partner with: 

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