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PMR Performance:  Dedicated to helping athletes in their quest for continual improvement.  PMR was founded by former professional athletes themselves whose careers came to an end.  We now spend our days as strength & conditioning coaches assisting athletes to reach their goals. Athletic development is far more than simply going to practice, games and hitting the gym. These are obviously important factors to the development of athletes, but not the only ones.  Many times, the other factors relate to Physical development, Mental development, and Recovery.

     A former NHL goalie, who is still a client and close friend said: "You can't block what you can't see".  Everyday athletes train, they are training to be prepared for whatever the next competition will bring, in whatever sport it may be.  In competition, it is how athletes respond to unknown variables that separate the good from the best.  These unknown variables are a constant.  But what if athletes had access to information that other athletes, coaches, and health professionals have either experienced in their career, experienced while coaching athletes, or have researched to help others.

     You can't prepare for what you don't know.  That is where we come in.  We will regularly update free content on this site from respected coaches, current professional athletes, retired professional athletes and numerous health professionals.    

     Examples of the type of questions we will answer in our efforts to assist athletes in pursuing their goals:

  • What has helped you become a better athlete over the course of your career?

  • What was your experience in choosing which colleg to attend?

  • What was your mindset when you encountered that obstacle during your career?

  • What are some practical ways an athlete can recover?

  • Going into that big game, how can an athlete clear their head to focus on the task at hand?

  • Knowing what you know now, what do you wish you would have known in high school?


     We also offer strength, core, agility & conditioning programs for athletes of all training levels.  Our programs are sport-specific and created with the intention of helping athletes not only get stronger/faster/more powerful, but having the main goal of helping athletes develop in their sport.  We use the same principles in writing these programs that we use when training our highest level athletes.​

Chip Gosewisch, CSCS, RSCC

Chip is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Registered Strength & Conditioning Coach.  Chip has worked at the Fischer Institute since 2009 and is currently the Sports Performance Director and Head Strength Coach where he manages, creates, and implements the sports performance programs for professional, college, and high school athletes.

Chip attended Arizona State University where he played baseball under head coach Pat Murphy from 1996-1999.  During this time he underwent season ending shoulder surgery his junior year, successfully completed his rehabilitation, and came back for a healthy senior season.  After his playing days at ASU, Chip was drafted by the Anaheim Angels, continuing on to play two minor league season with the Angels organization.   

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